Menzgold Owner's Wife: Who is Rose Tetteh?

Menzgold Owner’s Wife: Who is Rose Tetteh? The collapse of Menzgold Ghana Limited in 2018 left thousands of customers devastated. While its owner Nana Appiah Mensah faced prosecution, less is known about NAM 1’s own wife. This article reveals the story of Rose Tetteh, the young entrepreneur who married Menzgold’s controversial CEO.

Rose Tetteh’s Profile

Born in Accra, Ghana, Rose Tetteh has always had a passion for fashion and design. She studied marketing and business in school. In 2013, Tetteh founded her own company called Africa Footwear. It manufactures and sells shoes locally and across Africa.

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Africa Footwear grew quickly under Tetteh’s leadership. She oversees nearly 100 employees at the company’s factory and headquarters in Accra. Her story of starting a thriving business as a female entrepreneur captured attention.

Marriage to NAM 1

In February 2016, Rose Tetteh married Nana Appiah Mensah in a lavish traditional Ghanaian wedding. NAM 1, who is nearly 20 years older than Tetteh, was then enjoying huge success as Menzgold’s CEO. The event was attended by many celebrities and dignitaries.

For a time, Tetteh and NAM 1 were considered a power couple, with him running Ghana’s hottest investment firm and her leading a top shoe manufacturing brand. NAM 1 was reportedly Tetteh’s second husband after divorcing her first.

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Life After Menzgold’s Collapse

When Menzgold collapsed amidst financial ruin in 2018, Tetteh was shielded from much of the backlash faced by her husband. While NAM 1 dealt with angry investors and criminal charges, Tetteh stayed focused on her footwear company.

She gave birth to their first child together, daughter Elizabel Tetteh Mensah, in Dubai in 2019 while NAM 1 was detained there. Despite Menzgold’s demise, Tetteh maintained her upscale lifestyle. On social media, she shared photos of luxury vacations, cars, and parenting moments.

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Rose Tetteh pursued her entrepreneurial dreams long before meeting and marrying the now infamous NAM 1. She continues running her successful shoe business while raising their young daughter. Her story shows how Tetteh built her own career and fortune separate from her husband’s failed ventures.


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