Who Is Mariah Bird: Net Worth, Age, Height, And Husband Of Larry Bird’s Daughter

Who Is Mariah Bird? Net Worth, Age, Height, And Husband Of Larry Bird’s Daughter. Mariah Bird is the adopted daughter of Larry Bird. Larry Bird‘s daughter is an event manager and a graduate of Boston University located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Who Is Mariah Bird: Net Worth, Age, Height, And Husband Of Larry Bird’s Daughter

Who Is Mariah Bird?

Mariah Bird is the adopted child from Larry Bird’s second marriage to Dinah Mattingly on October 31, 1989. However, she has two other siblings called Corrie Bird and Conner Bird. Corrie Bird was born on 14th August 1977 to Larry and Janet Condra. Conner Bird was also adopted by Larry during his first marriage in 1975.

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Larry Bird’s Daughter holds a bachelor’s degree in Science in Recreation. She also has a height of 175cm and a weight of  76kg.

Mariah Bird age: How old is Mariah Bird?

Larry Bird’s Daughter, Mariah Bird is 31 years old.

Mariah Bird Net Worth

Larry Bird’s Daughter Career: What Does Mariah Bird Do?

Larry Bird’s Daughter works at Pacers Sports & Entertainment. In 2019 she was promoted to Manager of Event Activations and Venues. Her duty is to organize and implement some of the significant events in Pacers Sports & Entertainment. 

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Mariah Bird Net Worth

Mariah Bird has an estimated Net worth of $950,000 with an Average Salary of $80,473 every year. She earns all this money from her career as an event manager. Meanwhile, her father Larry Bird has a net worth of $55 million.

Husband Of Larry Bird Daughter

Is Mariah Bird Married? There is no information on whether Mariah Bird is married or single because she has kept her life private and not the social media type like her other siblings. We will update you from time to time if any information about the Husband Of Larry Bird Daughter pops up.

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Does Mariah Bird Have Siblings?

Yes, Mariah Bird has two siblings. Corrie Bird is her stepsister, and Connor Bird is her stepbrother. Corrie Bird is Larry Bird’s first and biological daughter, whom he had with his first wife. Connor Bird is her adopted step-brother, whom Larry and his second wife adopted along with Mariah Bird after their marriage.

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