Markiplier Girlfriend: Who Is Amy Nelson?

Who Is Markiplier Dating? Is Markiplier in a relationship? Markiplier is currently Dating Amy Nelson also known as Peebles. Markiplier is a YouTube personality, gamer, actor, writer, producer, director, pundit, and comedian from the United States.

Markiplier, full name Mark Edward Fischbach, was born on June 28, 1989, at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, O’ahu, Hawaii, USA.

Markiplier is of Korean and American descent. He was reared with an elder brother, Jason Thomas Fischbach, who is an author, writer, and artist.

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In 2018, Markiplier and fellow YouTuber Jacksepticeye founded the apparel label Cloak. He is one of the co-hosts of the podcasts “3 Peens in a Podcast” and “Distractible.”

Markiplier Girlfriend: Who Is Amy Nelson?

Markiplier Girlfriend: Who Is Amy Nelson?

Amy is a graphic designer and animator from Cincinnati, Ohio who currently resides in a Los Angeles apartment. Amy is famously known as Markiplier Girlfriend. In late 2015, Amy Nelson began dating Mark Fischbach. The two first appeared together in public when they accompanied each other to VidCon in 2016. Amy initially appeared on Markiplier’s channel in “DON’T LAUGH CHALLENGE #5”.

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According to Peebles’ Instagram, the two had been dating for a little longer than they’d let on. In 2020, she captioned a photo of the two, “5 years so we’re allowed to be a little cheesy!” While the two aren’t afraid to flaunt each other, they’ve remained tight-lipped about how they met. They’ve even invented up “how we met” stories to divert attention away from the topic.

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