Which network is the best in Ghana? Deciding as to the better service provider between MTN and Vodafone in Ghana can be tricky. Both companies have pros and cons, with aspects such as price, coverage, and data speed differing significantly. But which one is right for you? Here, we will explore the differences between MTN and Vodafone to help you make an informed decision.

Mtn and Vodafone Which Is Better?

When it comes to the price of data plans and services, MTN generally takes the lead. Its prepaid packages tend to be very affordable with long-term, premium plans costing significantly less than Vodafone. MTN upholds its low-price image by offering bonuses for signing up for data services. For example, it offers up to 30GB of data when you buy certain plans. Vodafone, on the other hand, is slightly more expensive with its data plans, but it also offers more data than MTN.

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What is the fastest telecom network in Ghana?

When looking at the coverage of the companies, Vodafone has the upper hand. Its network is far-reaching, with coverage in both rural and urban areas. MTN’s coverage, however, is more spotty and not as consistent as Vodafone’s. That being said, Vodafone’s coverage does not come without its drawbacks as it does not have as strong of a network in some regions of Ghana as MTN does.

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Finally, data speed is an important factor to consider when comparing MTN and Vodafone. When looking at download speeds, Vodafone is generally faster than MTN. It is important to note, however, that Vodafone does tend to be more consistent in its speeds. MTN, on the other hand, is not as reliable and can have speeds that range from incredibly fast to incredibly slow without any clear pattern.

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Ultimately, the decision of which company is better in Ghana comes down to one’s individual needs. MTN is a great choice for those looking for affordability and needing coverage in some areas of Ghana. Vodafone is ideal for those with more consistent data needs, as it’s the best in terms of data package currently.


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