Most Important Religious and Historical Monuments to Visit in Medina
Hegra Alula in Saudi Arabia taken in January 2022

Most Important Religious and Historical Monuments to Visit in Medina. Medina is the city of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which is why it is full of religious sites that Muslims want to visit at least once in their lifetime. Most Muslims who visit Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah also explore the holy city of Medina. There is a lot this sacred city has to offer. From the Prophet’s Mosque to the first mosque in the world, Medina is full of places with great religious and historical significance.

Hegra Alula in Saudi Arabia taken in January 2022

If you have finally had the chance to travel to Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage through Umrah Packages 2023, you must also plan your stay in the holy cities. Once you have performed Umrah, you will have enough time to explore Mecca and Medina’s religious and historical monuments. Therefore, you must plan your stay accordingly to ensure you make the most of your visit to the holy cities. You can also ask your Umrah travel agency UK to guide you or look through information travel blogs. 

Important Religious and Historical Monuments in Medina 

Here are some important religious and historical monuments in the holy city of Medina;

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1. Prophet’s Mosque

Prophet’s Mosque, or Masjid an-Nabwi, is the city’s largest and is frequently visited by Muslims. The pilgrims make sure to visit this mosque after they have performed their Umrah in Haram. So, once you are in Saudi Arabia, you must visit the Prophet’s Mosque, which has the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that all Muslims see to pay their respects. 

2. Mount Ainain

Mount Ainain, or Mount of Archers, is where the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) appointed 50 Muslim archers during the famous Battle of Uhud. These archers stood on the mountain under Hazrat Abdullah bin Jubair’s (RA) command. Pilgrims who visit Medina to explore it like visiting this historic site to learn more about Islamic history. 

3. Uhud Mountain Cave

Uhud Mountain cave is the historical place where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions took shelter during the second attack by the Quraysh in the battle of Uhud. He also asked his companions and Muslims to be firm and brave during the battle. Therefore, if you have booked your Umrah packages 2023, you must also add visiting the Uhud mountain cave to your list. 

4. Mount Thawr

Mount Thawr also has rich Islamic history. Holy Prophet (SAW) hid in the cave of this mountain with his close companion Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) when Quraish were looking for him. Almighty protected His last messenger through a miracle at the door of this cave. Therefore, Muslims have a great religious association with this mountain. So, when visiting Medina, you must visit Mount Thawr and see where the famous miracle occurred.

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5. Ethq Well

At the Ethq well, the Holy Prophet (SAW) and his close companion Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) rested and drank water. They stopped at this well while traveling to Medina for the first time after Hijrah. Because of this, it has excellent religious affiliation and historical significance in Islam. Muslims from all over the world visit this well to see it. 

6. The Seven Mosques

Seven mosques were built where the battle of Khandak took place. All the tourists who explore Medina’s religious and historic sites surely visit these Zayaraat and offer their daily prayers in these mosques. Sahaba also offered their daily prayers at these places while they were digging the trench during the battle. These mosques include Abu Bakr Al-Siddique Mosque, Al-Fath Mosque, Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque, Salman Al-Farsi Mosque, Umar ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, and Ali ibn Abi Talib Mosque. 

7. Beer e Shifa

Beer e Shifa is a historic well located some kilometres away from the holy city of Medina. This well was famous for its poisonous, unhealthy, and bitter water. When Prophet Muhammad (SAW) learned about it, he spat in this well and ever since, the well has had sweet water. Therefore, pilgrims travel long distances to experience the spirituality surrounding this historic well associated with the Holy Prophet (SAW). 

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8. Mada’s Saleh

Mada’s Saleh is a pre-Islamic heritage site recognised by UNESCO world heritage. The famous camel incident with the Prophet Saleh happened at this place. Moreover, it has carvings that depict the Nabatean Kingdom. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Medina. Everything about this historic place is intriguing and divine. So, if you have your Umrah packages 2023 ready, it is time to perform an Umrah and explore this landmark site in Medina. 


Medina is full of religious and historical monuments that Muslims visit on their trip to Saudi Arabia. Every place in this holy city has some history, making the Prophet (SAW) city a lot more beautiful and exciting. If you have already booked Umrah Packages through a trusted UK travel agency, it is now a good time to begin planning your trip to Medina.


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