Mwizukanji Net Worth, Biography, Wikipedia, Real Name, Age, Family
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Mwizukanji Net Worth, Biography, Wikipedia, Real Name, Age, Family. Mwizukanji is a social media celebrity and actress from Zambia. She and her ex-boyfriend, known as Yo Maps in Zambia, have a daughter together.

Mwizukanji, a popular actress in Zambia, is also well-known on social media for the various interviews she posts on her Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube profiles on a regular basis.

Kidist Kifle publicly apologized to Mwizukanji for all of the negative things she had previously said about her husband’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his children.

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Kidist begged Mwizukanji to give her (Kidist Kifle) the opportunity to be Bukata’s stepmother in order to win her forgiveness. Mwizukanji and Yo Maps had a daughter. Mwizukanji agreed to carry out these two tasks.

Kidist Kifle claims that all she wants is for her daughter Yo Maps to interact with Bukata as if they were sisters because their fathers are identical.

Yo Maps’ response included a request that Mwizukanji not post anything about their child on any social media platform. This was in response to Mwizukanji’s comment, in which she expressed concern that her daughter would go hungry because her father isn’t properly providing for her.
Mwizukanji accepted Kidist Kifle’s and her baby daddy’s regrets in a brief message posted on Facebook. He also wished Kidist Kifle and her child’s father the best of luck in their future relationship.

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Mwizukanji Net Worth

Mwizukanji net worth is yet to be reviewed. But Yo Maps’ net worth is roughly estimated as between K800,000 and K1 million.

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