Prudential bank branches in kumasi and their contacts
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Prudential Bank is one of the approved banks by the bank of Ghana for Ghanaians to bank with.

The prudential bank has been in existence since 1993 with its first branch opened in 1996 in Accra. The bank has operated for the past 36 and holds a Custody Services License, Foreign Exchange Dealership Licence, and Trustee Licence.

The bank has several branches all over the country and here, we take a look at the list of Prudential bank branches in kumasi and their contacts.

As at December 31 2012, it’s was reported that Prudential Bank had a total asset of Ghc676 million and shareholders equity of Ghc85.1 million.

In April 2016, the Prudential Bank owned three subsidiaries namely;

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Prudential Bank Properties Limited – Accra

This subsidiary specializes in the management, development and acquisiton properties and other staff of the bank.

Prudential Securities Limited(Accra)

This subsidiary focuses on wealth management, corporate financing provision of advise on businesses.

Prudential Stockbrokers Limited

The Stockbrokers Limited focuses on stock brokerage, economic research and provision of advise.

Prudential Bank branches in Kumasi

With over 36 years of operation in the country, prudential bank has many branches in Accra and Kumasi. Below are the list of Prudential Bank branches in Kumasi

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Aboabo Branch – Kumasi

The aboabo branch in Kumasi is near the traffic Light along the Aboabo Airport.

Tel: + 233 (0) 3220 47350- 2

Fax: + 233 (0) 3220 47357


Afful Nkwanta Branch – Kumasi

The prudential bank branch in Kumasi known as the afful nkwanta branch is located at the children’s park.

Tel: + 233 (0) 3220 49450-3

Fax: + 233 (0) 3220 49452


Kumasi Adum Branch – Kumasi

The Kumasi adum branch is located at Prudential Plaza House (formerly Unicorn House).

Tel: + 233 (0) 3220 83811-2/83816

Fax: + 233 (0) 3220 83815


Kumasi Main Branch – Kumasi

The main prudential bank branch in Kumasi is located at COCOBOD Jubilee House(Adum-Kumasi).

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Tel: + 233 (0) 3220 26210/45426-7

Fax: + 233 (0) 3220 25917


Suame Maakro Branch – Kumasi

This branch is located at the Tarkwa Makro New Road.

Tel: + 233 (0) 3220 46717/46720

Fax: + 233 (0) 3220 46897


Atonsu Branch – Kumasi

The atonsu prudential bank branch can be found at 91 Block A within Unity Oil commercial complex.

Tel: + 233 (0) 3220 80575/ 83750/83751

Fax: + 233 (0) 3220 806 635

Santasi Branch


This branch is located at Unity Oil Filling Station near the Santasi roundabout.

Tel: 03220 25888

Fax: 03220 25909

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