Rainbow kiss;gross or not?

Most people will argue that rainbow kiss is one of the glossiest sex practices they have ever heard of. While some see nothing wrong with it. Here’s what we think of rainbow kiss.

Rainbow Kiss
Rainbow Kiss

What is a Rainbow Kiss?

Rainbow Kiss

What do we think a Rainbow Kiss is. According to Urban Dictionary, a rainbow kiss is when a guy gives head to a girl while she’s having her period and gets all the blood in his mouth and a girl gives a guy a kiss and gets semen in her mouth’.

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A rainbow kiss usually occurs in the 69 positions. It is basically the exchange of fluid from the private part orally during sex. Sex therapists say the goal of the act is for partners to climax together and kiss after mixing menstrual blood and semen from their mouths. The kiss is a way of bonding as partners exchange blood and semen- internal fluids.

Why is it called a ‘Rainbow kiss’

In 2006, Simon Farquhar a Scottish writer published a play Rainbow kiss. The name was gotten from a scene in the play, where the sex act was performed.

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Is it dangerous?

Gynecologists say there’s nothing wrong with the act, so long as both partners keep good personal hygiene and know each other’s health status. Our basic knowledge tells us that exchange of fluids is the fastest way of contracting STD’s and other viruses, so our advice; before taking part in the kiss make sure you know your partner’s health status and ensure you’ve kept good hygiene and know your health status to avoid infecting you, partner.

So what do you think,is this sex act gross or not, we would love to see your reply in the comment section below.

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