Roofing Sheet Price In Ghana

Most times, people start up construction without knowing the market pricing of materials they would need. If you are a building contractor or individual planning to build a house and particularly roof your building, then you ought to the various types of roofing sheets and their respective prices.

Knowing the actual pricing of materials which definitely will include roofing sheets shall allow you to draw an accurate budget for your project. The prices of various roofing sheets are provided for hour use.

Bear in mind that the various types of roofing sheets are designed for industrial, commercial, and residential use. So therefore you must purchase what is suitable for your engagement.

Inverted Box Rib(IBR) Roofing Sheet

Inverted Box Rib(IBR) Roofing Sheet is a type of sheet available on the Ghanaian market. It is a multipurpose roofing sheet designed for commercial, industrial, and residential use. The roofing sheet is designed purposely to enhance efficient drainage. It comes with a square fluted profile spanning with a reasonable width covering of approximately 7000mm and it is its fluted profile that ensures efficient drainage. It comes in two forms IBR 0.3 and 0.4 which are all sold at 950cedis overpack of 20sheets respectively.

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2. Self-lock

Self-lock roofing sheets isn’t different from the IBR just that it comes particularly with an interlocking property that does not require any nailing device. The sheets have a self clipping capabilities that secure their position and also gibes building a better uplift. It is approximated to sell up to 1000cedis for a pack of 20 pieces.

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3. Aluminium roofing sheets

Aluminum roofing sheets come with a lighter weight yet they are very strong and efficiently resistant to corrosion, an idea backed by scientific research. It is generally the builder’s choice because it is cheaper and its colour never fades regardless of the environmental condition or weather. It currently sells at the highest of 900 cedis for a pack of 20 pieces.

4. Aluzinc roofing sheets

Aluzinc roofing sheets comprise an aluminum component as well as a zinc part. It is technically stainless steel coated with zinc and aluminum. The steel is rolled in coils and galvanized using 55%,43.3%, and 1.6% of aluminum, zinc, and silicon respectively and this ensures the sheets are more susceptible to corrosion. Other factors that also make these sheets the preferred choice is because it could be repainted, can stand higher temperatures, and it’s environmentally friendly. It comes at a cost of up to 1100 cedis for a pack of 20 pieces.

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5. Stone Chip Coated Steel Roof Tiles Roofing Sheets

Stone Chip Coated Steel Roof Tiles Roofing Sheets come with the advantages of being durable, lasting longer,an aesthetic appearance, light-weighted, and easy to install. The roof has a composition of steel which is coated with chips of stone using an acrylic film. It costs at most 200 cedis for a pack of 20 pieces. There are also iconic companies that deal in roofing sheets. They come in the likes of K.Gyasi Company Limited, K.Peprah Company Limited, DBS Roofing Industries Ghana, and Domod Roofing Limited.


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