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Sister Derby Went To My Children’s School And Told The Kids It’s Okay To Be G@y – Sam George Reveals


Sam George Nartey, a well known Ghanaian politician who doubles as the Member of Parliament for the Ningo-Prampam constituency has provided details on why he is advocating for the passage of Ghana’s draft Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Bill, a bill that is popularly known as the anti-lgbtq bill.

According to the Ningo-Prampam MP, he has interest in what people decide to do in their bedrooms at night. That is to say he is not bothered by those who decide to engage in the act of s0d0my behind close doors.

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However, what worries him the most, is attempts by LGBTQ advocates to inculcate their lives into Ghanaians most especially children.

He further disclosed that there are some lgbtq advocates who have taken their private perversion to schools adding that some of these advocates have been to his children’s school and advising the young ones to feel free if they want to be g@y.

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Explaining further, he narrated how Ghanaian female singer, Deborah Vanessa, popularly known as Sister Derby, went to the school of his child to tell them it is normal to be g@y.

Hon. Sam George said some of these advocates are one major reasons why he is championing the passage of the anti-lgbtq bill.

Moving forward, he said these advocates get on his nerves when they try to inculcate their lives in children because he understand why these lgbtq advocates thinks their whole lives should be defined by what they do in their bedrooms.

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