Sonia Laviscount is a British bodybuilder and gym proprietor who does this work with her husband, Eugene Laviscount. The duo are widely known because of the popularity of their son, Lucien Laviscount who has featured in a couple of movies like Water Loo and Grange Hill.


The age of Sonia, mother of Lucien is not not known since she is not so outgoing with her personal life like her son who is a public figure. She might me in her early sixties judging from her body.


Lucien is not the only child of Sonia Laviscount. She has two more children with her husband who are Louis and Jules Laviscount.

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The gym proprietor is still happily married to the father of Lucien who is known as Eugene Laviscount. The two together own their gym and work as bodybuilders. Just like his wife, he also appears to be very private with his life and only came into the public’s eye because of his son’s exploits and achievements.


Sonia and her husband are both known to own a gym where they are the proprietors and jointly work as bodybuilders. There is no other known business venture that the two have invested in or are working on. As they keep their life private, there isn’t much to be said about what they invest their time in aside their gym and what they plan on doing also.

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Net Worth

One of the hardest things to access is the net worth of private people who do not share any o formation about their successes and failures. As stated earlier, she is a very private woman and mother who only came into the limelight because of her son’s popularity in the movie industry. Her net worth is not known as of now but they appear to be very comfortable in life and lack nothing in terms of finance.


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