Born on November 30, 1978, the die-hard lover of cars will turn 45 in a couple of months. Even at 44, he is still very strong and physically well-built due to the nature of his job. 
This love for cars which developed at garage has opened many doors of success for him as Bitchin Rides gave him the spotlight. He’s been in the known since then and has been accepted and appreciated by most dedicated automobile fans. 

When it comes to an expert in cars and it’s related issues, Kevin Shiele is the well-known and recommended on-screen personality mentioned. Making his breakthrough in Bitchin’ Rides, Kevin has always had a thing for cars as long as it could move. As a very young age, he noticed this talent and nurtured it by learning how to repair it and knowing every nook and cranny of vehicles. 

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Kevin is not yet married but is engaged to Melanie Kay Neff, an outgoing young woman who supports him dearly.Melanie works as senior accountant at the CIIC PR and equally celebrates her birthday on November 29. She is known to come from Miami where she grew up and lived most of her life. 
Digging into their personal life, the buzzing couple started dating in 2015 and Kevin finally proposed in November 2018. They’re yet to announce the date for their wedding but all in all, the couple are having the best time of their lives.

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Kevin Schiele’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Kevin Schiele’s net worth is around $2 million. As he keeps working towards his passion and dream, it it no doubt that he will rise up from this to become the few billionaires in the world.


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