Shanquella Robinson’s Net Worth
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Shanquella Robinson, 25, was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, to parents Salamondra and Bernard Robinson. 

She grew up with her sister Quilla Long. She was a businesswoman by trade. In Charlotte, she ran a successful braid and extension business.

Cause of Death

Shanquella Robinson and her friends spent Halloween weekend in Mexico on October 28, 2022. Unfortunately, she died mysteriously within 24 hours.

Her friends informed her family that she died due to alcohol intoxication. The family later learned from the autopsy report that her cause of death was a broken neck. Then came the shocking video of Shanquella allegedly being beaten by a friend. Details to what caused the fight which later resulted to her being beaten is yet to be known as the friends lied about everything that happened to cover up for themselves.

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Shanquella Richardson’s Net Worth

As of the time of her passing, 25 year old Shanquella Robinson had a net worth estimate of about $ 700,000 according to sources. She was every comfortable and actually met her untimely death while on vacation with her friends.

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