Who Is Emily Compagno’s Husband? Emily Compagno, born on November 9, 1979, has made a significant mark in the fields of law and media. She hails from Oak Knoll, California, and her journey is an inspiration to many. As of 2023, she is in her early forties, thus, 43 years old and her youthful energy continues to shine through in her career.


Compagno’s educational journey paved the way for her success. She earned her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington. However, her thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there. She pursued a J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law, specializing in criminal litigation. Emily’s academic background equipped her with the legal expertise that would prove invaluable in her future endeavors.

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Emily Compagno’s career is a testament to her versatility. She began her professional journey as an attorney, working in both criminal defense and civil litigation. Her legal acumen earned her recognition and respect in the legal community.

However, it was her transition to the world of media that truly brought her into the public eye. Compagno became a legal analyst on Fox News, where she shared her insights on high-profile legal cases and political matters. Her charisma and ability to break down complex legal issues for viewers made her a standout contributor.

Notable Works and Achievements

Emily Compagno‘s notable works include her role as a co-host on the Fox Nation show “Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner.” Her insightful commentary and engaging presence have made her a trusted figure in the world of news analysis. Her contributions to Fox News have solidified her reputation as a respected legal analyst.

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Furthermore, Emily’s ability to balance her legal career with her media presence showcases her remarkable achievements. She serves as an inspiration to aspiring lawyers and media professionals alike, proving that with dedication and passion, one can excel in multiple domains.

Emily Compagno’s Husband

Emily and her long-time sweetheart, Peter Riley tied the knot in September 2017 after being together for a while. Peter is known to work as a real estate agent but before venturing into this field, he actively worked as a data analyst. Peter Riley was born in 1979 and is currently 44 years old in 2023. He hails from Portland, Oregon, in the United States of America and presently resides in Seattle, Washington, also in the United States. He is of American nationality and identifies with the White ethnic group, following his Christian faith. He obtained his education from Portland State University.


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