Just like Afua Asantewaa, Faliatu Abdul-Razak’s bid for a Guinness World Record attempt has been accepted and in line with this fact, the Ghanaian woman has called on Ghanaians to give her the needed support to enable her break the already existing record so she can set a new one.

Support Me Like You Did For Asantewaa - Faliatu Abdul-Razak Begs Ghanaians As She Aims At Breaking Cook-a-thon Record

Being the owner of a popular restaurant in the Northern Region of Ghana, Failatu aims at surpassing the current record held Chef Alan Fisher from Ireland who was able to engage in a cooking marathon for a period of 119 hours and 57 minutes.

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In a recent interview that is circulating on the Instagram media platform, the female entrepreneur and cook expressed her profound gratitude for the love and support Ghanaians have shown her amidst her quest to engage in a cook-a-thon record breaking challenge.

Additionally, she urged Ghanaians to continue supporting as she prepares to place Ghana’s name in the Guinness Book of Records with her cooking experience.

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Failatu urged Ghanaians to rally behind her just like they did for Afua Asantewaa who recently ended her sing-a-thon challenge in Grande style after singing for a period of 126 hours in her attempt to beat the record held by Sunil Waghmare from India.

Failatu will be holding her cook-a-thon record breaking challenge at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale and she is aiming at cooking from January 1st to January 5 2024, a five cook-a-thon record that will be equivalent to a cook-a-thon record of 120 hours or more.

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