The Greenwich Meridian is the line of longitude that passes through Greenwich, England and demarcates the division between the eastern and western hemispheres of the Earth. This significant global marker also passes directly through the city of Tema, Ghana. This article will explore the history of the Greenwich Meridian and its importance in Tema.

Overview of the Greenwich Meridian

The line of longitude that runs through both Greenwich in England and Tema in Ghana is known as the Prime Meridian or Greenwich Meridian. First established in 1884, it serves as the 0° reference point from which all other global longitude lines are measured.

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Originally chosen to pass through Greenwich Royal Observatory in England, the Greenwich Meridian divides the globe into east and west hemispheres. It remains a vital marker in cartography and navigation today.

Significance in Tema, Ghana

The Greenwich Meridian runs directly through Tema, a city on Ghana’s Atlantic coast approximately 25 km from the capital Accra. Tema has several monuments and landmarks commemorating the Meridian’s passage through the city.

At the Greenwich Meridian intersect point, a monument depicts where the line crosses the Gulf of Guinea. Visitors can stand with one foot in the east and one in the west at this unique marker.

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Another nearby monument called the Tema Greenwich Meridian Pillar also signifies the alignment. Several Tema streets reference the Meridian like Meridian Road and Longitude Lane to acknowledge its history.

Tema’s Position on Global Maps

Being intersected by the Greenwich Meridian gives Tema an easily identifiable location on any world map or globe. It places Tema at precisely 0° longitude, while its latitude coordinate of 5°N situates it close to the Equator.

This makes Tema easy to find for those navigating by or studying longitude and latitude markings. The Meridian also highlights Tema’s representation as Ghana’s main international shipping entrance on global transport maps and charts.

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The Greenwich Meridian has held historical significance around the world since 1884. Tema features several tributes where this famous line of longitude crosses through Ghana. From monuments to street names, the Greenwich Meridian’s presence in Tema uniquely marks it both nationally and worldwide. Being intersected by the global Prime Meridian remains a source of pride and fascination for the coastal city of Tema.


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