The Kushite civilization seemingly being older than the Kemet.

Sanskrit books have always indicated that, the names of ancient Kushite kings who were revered in India and happen to have their names adopted and modified according to the fancy of the later people of Greece and Rome.

Further, the Hindu Puranas speak of the Kushites traveling to India, passing through Egypt, proving that the Dravidian Civilizations were contemporary with those of Chaldea and the Nilotic countries.

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Meanwhile, ancient texts also report that the Egyptians were a colony drawn from the Kusha-Dwipa and that the Palli (Peleset in medu Netjer) which was another colony formed by the Canaanites and had been part of them from the land of Kush.

In these ancient times, the central seat of ancient Ethiopia was not modern-day Meroe, which was already very ancient, but a kingdom even further south which had preceded it by several centuries, which was called Meru whose traditional leader was the principal representative of the supreme energy, and suggesting that it was during this period that early India was colonized by settlers from Inner Africa.


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