Dennis Edward Aboagye a word of caution to the leading opposition political party, NDC not to misinform Ghanaians in through their campaign message

Mr Dennis Edward Aboagye has responded accordingly to sections of the Flag-bearer of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama’s campaign message he delivered to the people of Ashanti region.

The presidential staffer, Dennis Edward Aboagye claimed, the current administration, formed by the New Patriotic Party have enrolled out policies and built enough infrastructure which has improved the economic lives of the people in Ashanti region better than the past administration formed by the National Democratic Congress.

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“The Ashanti story will be told by the people of Ashanti themselves and not by Political Opportunists. Our former President H.E John Mahama cannot pretend to know the Ashanti situation than the King himself.

“He sat aloof and watched the Obuasi Local Economy collapse without any solution. Today, it’s revived and he wants to ride on emotions for political gains? A lot remain to be done in the Ashanti Region, but surely, comparatively, this government has done far more to uplift the lives of the people in Ashanti Region than done by the NDC when they had 8 years to lead.” He stated

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Mr Dennis Edward Aboagye advised the opposition political parties not to propagate succulents lies in order to win elections.

“Going into December, there will be no room for deliberate misinformation by anybody in the NDC.” Dennis Aboagye added


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