Top 10 best zoos in the world

Wildlife is very much appreciated all over the world. Visiting the zoo is a whole expedition that would shake away your boredom.

Top 10 Best Zoos In The World

Knowing the most fascinating zoos in the world might allow you to add them to your traveling plans.

At least knowing a little bit of history about the top 10 best zoos worldwide could be a bragging right. The top candidates for the best shall be provided for you.

What are the top 10 zoo in the world?

Check the list of the top 10 best zoos in the world;

1. Tiergarten Schonbrunn

Tiergarten Schonbrunn is the world’s oldest zoo but it still remains operational and it’s in grand style. It was established in 1752 in Vienna, Australia, and can boast of various species of animals like the arctic wolves, Siberian Tigers, elephants, and oriental small-clawed otters. The zoo is now committed full-time to conserving species of animals and education.

2. Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo located in New York City is situated on the Bronx Park, settling on about 265 acres of land and beautified with the Bronx River flowing right in it. The zoo is institutionalized together with modern zoo hospitals rendering it one of the best services globally. The Bronx zoo when mentioned comes with accolades like housing over 6,000 animals comprising of over 700 species. The zoo exhibits animals from all over the world.

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3. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo located in the Californian state is a very pleasant zoo to be at. It could be actually located on Balboa Park and is dated to have been opened in 1916. The zoo has a peculiar and unusual establishment where it is divided into eight different exhibits. Each exhibit represents particular geography or habitat. It is the most visited zoo all over the US and can boast of providing roofs for over 3,500 animals.

4. Singapore zoo

Singapore zoo, located in the hearts of the small Singaporean nation. With its compound and competitive service, it’s no doubt an iconic zoo in the world. The zoo spreads over 69 acres of land and gives protection to 2,800 animals made up of about 315 species. Expect to meet sloths, zebras, lions, and lions when you surely visit.

5. The Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo holds China’s wildlife conservation history. It is the oldest zoo found in Xicheng District City located in Beijing. It does not only hold the record for the oldest but also for the largest zoo in China. The zoo encompasses an aquarium that provides shelter to over 500 species of marine animals. It also provides space for over 450 land species. What’s even peculiar about the zoo is that it serves as a conservatory for rare animal species in China instead of the normal animals we always come across. It was opened in 1901 and spans over 200 acres of land.

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6. The National Zoological Gardens

The National Zoological Gardens located in Pretoria, South Africa can also be named as one of the fantastic zoos in the world. It does not only ordinarily known in South Africa but is also known across the African continent. It is known to host an aquarium and Reptile Park caring for animals like the African Penguin, African Saharan Elephant, and Hippopotamus. The zoo became operational in 1899.

7. Zoologicher Garten of Berlin,Germany

Popular than none other is the Zoologischer Garten of Berlin, Germany. It’s found on an 86 acre of land and it’s name translates in English to be Zoological Garden of Berlin. With regards to animal holding capacity, The Zoological Gardens of Berlin is the largest zoo in the whole world providing shelter to over 20,200 animals of different species. It was opened in 1844 and observed as a heritage park in Germany.

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8.Taronga zoo,Sydney in Australia

Taronga zoo, Sydney in Australia is the largest so far in the country. The zoo was founded in 1916 and allows visitors to view the great waterfront scenery of the city. It houses most of Australia’s wildlife and other rare species of animals like Sun bear.

9. Chester Zoo

The most popular destination for UK’s wildlife tourists, Chester Zoo which is located in the North of Chester is the largest zoo in the UK. It was opened in 1931 and gets its financial support from the charity(North of England Zoological Society). It provides shelter to prominent exotic species like Andean bears and provides over 35,000 animals as exhibits.

10. Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo which is found in Wellington, New Zealand is the last of the best zoos to visit. It’s run by a local charity by the City Council and provides home to over 500 animals. The zoo’s main focus is to conserve animals


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