Breast flattening: Why Do Mothers Crush the Breast Lumps of their Daughters?

Why Do Mothers Crush the Breast Lumps of their Daughters? Breast flattening, a traditional practice involving mothers using wooden mashers known as ‘tapoli’ to flatten lumps in their daughters’ developing breasts, was once prevalent in many Ghanaian families. This custom, however, stemmed from cultural beliefs and misunderstandings.

Breast flattening: Why Do Mothers Crush the Breast Lumps of their Daughters?

Young girls with budding breasts often underwent this procedure without understanding its actual purpose. Some held the mistaken belief that it would result in larger breasts once they fully developed. Contrary to this belief, breast flattening was not about enhancing breast size.

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The primary intent behind breast flattening was to postpone the early onset of breast development. Concerned mothers worried that premature breast growth could lead to the premature sexualization of their daughters. They aimed to shield their young daughters from the potential challenges and complexities associated with having a mature body at a tender age.

Mothers, apprehensive about their daughters being ill-equipped emotionally or mentally to navigate the intricacies of adulthood, often used the misconception about breast growth to mask the true motive behind the practice. Essentially, their goal was to safeguard their daughters’ innocence and protect them from the societal pressures and responsibilities linked with womanhood.

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Communicating the actual rationale behind the tradition to a child was likely challenging during that time. It demanded an understanding of societal norms and a commitment to preserving the cultural expectation of delaying female maturity.

While breast flattening was a well-intended practice driven by mothers’ concerns for their daughters’ well-being in a context where premature sexualization could pose significant risks, evolving cultural beliefs and awareness have led to its decline. Nowadays, there’s a growing emphasis on educating young girls about body awareness, health, and fostering self-acceptance.


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