VIP Desert Safari -A Premium Desert Tour in Dubai


Explore the exceptional beauty of the preserved heritage of Dubai city. Watch the sunset hues or soak up in the serenity of sunrise. Get your hands on the gripping SUVs or have a timeless journey on the camel’s back. Whatever sort of recreational activity you choose to experience, will surely awake your gratifying self. VIP desert safari Dubai is an exceptional beauty not only in the UAE but across the globe.

 Here the recreational activities are not limited to sightseeing and desert sports. There are a plethora of traditional activities that are extremely colorful and pleasant to celebrate. I, along with my family, was attracted to this magical landscape, so I booked a VIP desert safari. The itinerary we picked was offered through a trusted platform, named Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. If you want a luxurious tour to this eccentric place, you must check out the following features of a VIP desert safari in Dubai.

 Private Desert Camping & VIP Services

1.   Private Pickup

So the VIP trip begins with a timely private pickup in a luxurious offroad vehicle. The 4×4 drivers are sent by Happy Adventures Tourism LLC to take their guests to the dunes. The journey smoothly took place in air-conditioned vehicles & comfortable seatings. Leaving the cityside through a luxurious ride, we were in the barren within a short time of half an hour.

2.           Dune Bashing for Extended Period          

Go unstoppable across the high heaps! A VIP desert safari in Dubai trip allows you to enjoy desert sports for an extended period. This extension is given exclusively for VIP guests. There are lots of fast-moving SUVs you’ll observe in the dune arena. These include hummers, land cruisers, rovers, wrangler jeeps, and dune buggies.

We had a 30 minutes dune bashing ride in a land cruiser. The tour operator from team Happy Adventures Tourism accompanied us throughout the whole ride. The photographers were also taking pictures during the SUV maneuvers. The whole land cruiser ride went great. I concluded that an SUV is a form of roller coaster installed in a remote area.

3.           Other Desert Sports

Thrill-seekers also opt for other sand sports along with dune bashing. These include sandboarding, quad biking, and fat bicycling. Quad biking is the favorite terrain sport of adrenaline junkies among these. Quad bikes are 4-wheeler terrain vehicles that are ridden by one. Get instructions from a local on how to ride a quad bike in the sand, and show your groovy maneuvers on the desert sand.

Stick your feet on the sandboard, and jump off the high reddening dunes! Sandboarding is a terrain activity, filled with extreme amusement. Surfing on a sandboard is similar to snow skiing and water skiing. But this time, you’ll be surfing the ups and downs of the huge sand ripples and will end up in waves of laughter.

4. Vintage Camel Safari

A camel safari is an exotic voyage that can be achieved on a deserted landscape. Our group was escorted by our tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism, to the camel caravans. These caravans are led by the Bedouins and take the visitors across the far limits of the barren.

While enjoying a camel safari, we spotted the amazing wildlife of these marshy plains. Gazelles, wild cates, groups of oryxes, and other erratic flora and fauna can be seen in this wilderness.

So do give a shot to a timeless journey on a camel’s hump. It would surely unlock many doors to discovery and amazement.

5. Bedouin Style Private Camps

Being a part of a VIP itinerary brings you the greatest charms of resting in the luxurious camps. These adorable little camps are pitched super efficiently based on archaic Bedouin themes. Inviting their guests to well-designed and cozy caravansaries is quite an impressive way for the locals. Team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC impressed us in all aspects of the trip including these fancy caravansaries.

Camping in a VIP package happened to be a lot more pleasing beyond what we had expected. There were separate toilets for men and women and were provided with sufficient toiletries. The ambiance of those private camps was top-notch, reflecting the luxury wrapped in traditional coat checks.

6. Arabian Savory

The nomadic landscape of Dubai dunes invites its VIP guests to the private tables fledged with an opulent meal. The succulent BBQ along with Arabian and international cuisines is served in sumptuous style. The hosts offered us a free and unlimited amounts of soft drinks, mocktails, tea, and mineral water.

Coming to the succulent savory, we had pleasant odorous international and Arabian specialties. Including charcoal roasted lamb, BBQ, and delicious desserts. The hosts didn’t become lenient in serving the side essentials though!

7. Exposure to the Arabian Tradition

The vital colors of the Arabian culture are seen in vibrancy at its miscellaneous desert. The campsites are brimming with various traditional aspects. These include henna painting, Arabian attiring, falconry, shisha smoking, and what not? Enjoy these recreational activities at your luxurious campsites. Get ensemble in those famous white robes that are worn by Arabs to date. Get some dramatic clicks with the falcon bird while witnessing the heritage plat of falconry. All these cultural activities are worth witnessing in a desert safari.


Get to know your inner self in the mesmerizing vicinity of the golden dunes of Dubai. The lovely vies of sunrise and sunset, enthralling sand sports, and vibrant Arabian culture. All these charms are spread in abundance at the bareness of Dubai. Taking the fullest advantage of being in this isolated wilderness can be taken only in a VIP desert safari.

This itinerary is suitable for a huge group of people. Couples, families, and business trips are usually taken place through a VIP desert tour. So if you are planning to have a luxury tour to this natural landmark, make sure you approach trusted travel partners like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Doing prior research would surely find you, good travel planner. Thereby, you can hand over your travel torments to them.





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