Ondriel Smith Execution Date

Was Ondriel Smith Tulsa OK charges dropped? Ondriel Smith, a Tulsa resident, is currently facing additional charges in addition to the death penalty he received for the 2018 shooting of two brothers, Keith and Glenn Williams, outside a Tulsa shopping mall. Smith is now accused of shooting two individuals outside the Incredible Pizza shop in Tulsa, alongside charges of drug possession while in custody.

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The charges against Smith extended when guards discovered various drugs, including meth, in his possession. The tragic incident involving the Williams brothers occurred as they were reportedly investigating a suspicious vehicle on behalf of an employee. Smith attacked them, leading to his arrest. During the legal proceedings, Smith confessed to additional felonies, which contributed to the jury imposing the death sentence.

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Was Ondriel Smith Tulsa OK charges dropped?

Despite facing serious charges, including murder, since his 2018 conviction, Ondriel Smith Tulsa OK is now confronted with fresh allegations of shooting individuals outside the Incredible Pizza shop and drug possession while under police custody. The persistence of these charges underscores the severity of the crimes committed by Ondriel Smith.


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