Ondriel Smith Execution Date

Ondreil Smith, one of the two Muskogee brothers, is the suspect and is currently being tried and sentenced to death for allegedly assaulting guards at the Tulsa County Jail.

Ondriel Smith Execution Date

He did something that led to the deaths of Keith and Glynn Williams. In a parking lot in the 5600 block of East Skelly, he killed them both.

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He has been facing jail time since 2018 and has been accused of more than a dozen offenses, according to court records.

Also subject to the death penalty is he. So, if we go back a year, the Tulsa Man has been designated as the target of District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler’s conclusion that “the penalty of death should be charged to the Tulsa Man.”

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Ondriel Smith Tulsa Girlfriend: Is Ondriel Smith Tulsa Dating?

There is no news about Ondriel Smith Tulsa Girlfriend. In a previous case of domestic violence, the felon was accused of beating his ex-girlfriend and then shooting her in the leg.


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