Shannon Melendi

Shannon Melendi, an Emory University student, was murdered nearly three decades ago and her body has never been found. Her father, Luis, is still looking for answers. Shannon Melendi, 19, was kidnapped from the Softball Country Club in Atlanta, where she worked as a scorekeeper, on March 26, 1994. A massive search was launched for the Emory University student.

What Exactly Happened To Shannon Melendi?

Shannon Melendi was killed on 17th July 2006 by Hinton. According to ABC News, Hinton admitted to killing Shannon Melendi on July 17, 2006. Evidently, his guilt or the fact that he had exhausted all of his arguments caught up with him.

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Hinton went into graphic detail about what he did to the investigating officer and a prosecutor in Georgia. “ “At least I can breathe if I have to spend the rest of my life in a cell for 23 hours a day,” Hinton said. But she is unable to. “

On the other hand, on the day Melendi vanished, he invited her to lunch after work. Hinton pretended to take a wrong turn on his way to lunch and then continued on to his home in Rex, Georgia.

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He eventually asked Melendi to drive, claiming a leg cramp. Hinton then forced Melendi to accompany him to his house by stealing a hidden knife from the backseat of his car.

Hinton was able to tie Melendi up and drive her car to a gas station while leaving the keys in the car because his wife and children were not at home.

Later, he would repeatedly assault Melendi before strangling her with her necktie. He then set fire to Melendi in his backyard, destroying her body.

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