The internet is buzzing with tributes after a 4 weeks baby was alleged to have died from brain injury.

What Is Kentrell Leonard Cause Of Death?

Kentrell Leonard’s father was held on many charges, including second-degree murder, when the Columbus infant died on August 9 from brain injury at the age of four weeks.

Everyone who read about the passing of newborn Kentrell Leonard on the internet was grieved by the information. The youngster passed away as a result of brain damage.

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The Scottish Rite Pediatric ICU pronounced him dead on August 9 at 2:10 p.m. After being put on life support and sustaining various injuries, including subdural hematomas across both cerebral convexities, numerous fractures, body bruises, and four posterior rib fractures, he was transported from Piedmont to Scottish Rite on July 27.

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The baby was later sent for an autopsy to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation by the Muscogee County Coroner’s Office.

Delonte Williams, the child’s father, was taken into custody and charged with multiple crimes, including second-degree murder. As soon as we discover more information regarding this situation in the next hours, we will update this section.


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