What Is The Net Worth Of Mia Khalifa?
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Mia Khalifa is a webcam model and ex adult film actress from Beirut. However, she is popularly referred to as a Lebanese-American media personality.

Mia Khalifa started her acting career as a adult film actress in October 2014, as she is currently one of the most-watched actresses on Po$rnhub in the last two months

What Is The Net Worth Of Mia Khalifa?

  Mia Khalifa ‘s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $ 4 million. Her primary source of income is from her acting career as she earned $ 1,000 per scene she plays, however, was able to make $12,000 during her three months in the porn industry.

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Khalifa became very famous after filming a trio while wearing a hijab, even though she was raised as a Catholic. This video got many bashing the pornstar to the extent of she even been threaten of death from the middle east and even the Islamic state.

Due to the death threat Mia Khalifa stopped acting porn and moved to Miami where she worked as a lawyer and bookkeeper.

Who is Mia Khalifa dating now?

According to report Mia Khalifa is currently in a relationship with Puerto Rican singer Jhay Cortez. However none of them have come out to confirm if its true or not but they were once seen kissing each other at a concern.

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Khalifa has starred in Perto Rican singer’s music video such as the song ‘En Mi Cuarto’ (I’n My Room’) featuring Skrillex.

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