Have you ever wondered what custom boxes are? They are a type of custom packaging that is specifically designed for your product. Custom boxes can be made to fit any shape, size, and design specifications. However, you can enhance the look and overall experience of your packaging by opting for a selection of unique finishing. 

This article will take an in-depth look at custom box finishes so that you can make the best decision possible for your business.

What is Finishing?

The finishing of custom boxes is a process that involves applying one or more coatings to the surface before laminating. Finishing provides many benefits, including being able to add texture and create custom colors for custom packaging. 

There are so many different finishing options available, and which ones should you choose? Following are a few of the finishing styles you can choose for your custom printed CBD boxes or any other box for that matter:

Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping can be used on custom boxes to give them a reflective finish that really stands out. It is often very durable too because it has multiple layers. However, foil stamping does not work well when there is more than one color involved, as your box may end up looking cheap instead of classy. 

Spot Varnish:

Spot varnish is effective for custom boxes that have one color and is usually a little more affordable than foil stamping. It makes your illustration pop and gives a surreal texture with a neat and often glossy look. The downside to spot varnish custom packaging is that it really only works well on paperboard because the ink will rub off polystyrene or metal surfaces. 

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UV Inks

UV inks work really well for custom stickers, tags, labels, etc., but they are not recommended for custom boxes as they may be too thick on certain types of material, which can result in your package looking unfinished. We recommend this option if you are using custom stickers instead of custom boxes.

Letterpress Printing

This finishing option has become very popular these days due to its vintage appeal. Letterpress printing does require some expensive equipment, so make sure you consider the upfront investment and ongoing costs for use.

Gloss Finish

Gloss Lamination is a popular choice for custom boxes and custom sleeves. It is shiny, has a high color gamut, and it protects the design of your box or sleeve from scratches, dents, or damages during shipping. The downside is that gloss finish requires extra care in handling as any contact with water will cause the colors to peel off.

The gloss finish option offers the best protection from dents, scratches, and dirt accumulation because they are hard to notice against its glossy surface.

Matte Lamination

You must opt for matte lamination if you do not want the colors of your box or sleeve to fade over time. Matte finish is a popular choice for custom boxes and custom sleeves as it can be applied with any kind of ink type and does not require an initial investment of inexpensive equipment. It will not protect from damage, but it is easy to maintain.

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Raised Ink

This is a custom printing technique that will greatly enhance your custom boxes. It is a durable finish that is resistant to abrasion, scratching, and tearing as well as moisture. Raised print can be applied with any kind of ink type, but you must make an initial investment inexpensive equipment like custom screens and laminators before applying it to your custom boxes.


Embossing is a technique that raises an image on paper. This process can be done to produce attractive business cards with high-quality textured impressions of your company’s logo stamped onto them and your brand’s product boxes.


Debossing is a technique where you are creating an indent in the box. This can be done by heating and pressing or using pressure to create this effect on your design. This custom printing technique is often associated with luxury packaging. 

It is also challenging to reproduce by counterfeiters because this type of customization includes cutting designs directly into the surface rather than just filling them in with color as screen-printing does. 

Aqueous Finishing

This finishing option uses water-based inks that create an ultra-smooth surface on your custom packaging materials, making them perfect for printing images or photographs. This type of finish can be used as both a coating (with UV protection) or just printed directly onto the custom envelope without any gloss enhancers needed.

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Use Finishing to Redefine the User Experience 

Customers have a deeper connection with the service and product when they are able to customize their experience. The idea of customized boxes resonates well within Kano’s model, emphasizing the relationship between customer satisfaction and what customers want from your products or services. 

For instance, you ordered a pair of jeans and received them in a standard, plain box. Now, imagine having the same pair of jeans in a custom printed box with vivid shades, different textures, a fashion tagline or hashtags, and with a customized thank you for you: which one would you like?

The customer’s expectations vary depending on the type of product they are purchasing. A little something extra can change a potentially negative experience into an exciting one for customers because it gives them that sense of excitement when their purchase arrives and surprises them with unexpected features or benefits.

The tone of voice should be informative to create a memorable and creative experience. Having branded packaging creates an enhanced user experience which is beneficial for companies because it facilitates top-of-mind awareness, leads to growth, and helps longevity.

The Final Thought 

When you are creating artwork for packaging, it can be difficult to make your product stand out. Using finishes like foil or a UV coating will pop off the package and catch more people’s attention.


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