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Who are Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhl?


Who is Daniel Petry?

Daniel Petry whose full name is Daniel Felipe Petry is a Brazilian who took over the internet when his case of murder became known in 2007. Born in 1991 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, Daniel is currently 32 years old. 

Who Is Gabriel Kuhl?

Gabriel Kuhl was the 12 year old neighbor and best friend of Daniel Petry who played video games together. As best friends, Gabriel and Daniel got interested in a particular video game which they usually played together and sometimes played virtually when both couldn’t meet in the house together.

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What Happened To Daniel Felipe and Gabriel Kuhl?
As of 2007, Daniel was a 16 year old boy who loved playing video games with his neighbor’s son, Gabriel Kuhn, a 12 year old boy. As the two bonded over this game, sources reveal that Gabriel borrowed money from Daniel to buy an online currency with which he promised to pay him back. After waiting for some days or possibly weeks without getting his money, Daniel placed a call to the Kuhn’s home where Gabriel’s mother told him he was alone in the house. He made his way to the house telling his friend he only came to solve the issue at hand. Sources also revealed that Daniel molested Gabriel and strangled him with the gaming cables. Thinking that he was dead, he picked up a saw and cut off the legs of Gabriel who gained consciousness and lost it since he couldn’t bear the pains. Daniel did not end there but continued to cut his torso into two, dumped the body in the house and left his legs and the saw in the corridor. His body was found by his older brother who had come home from his training. He immediately reached out to his mother who in turn brought the police for further investigation.
After the police were brought in, they saw the banter between the two on the gaming chats and Daniel Felipe was taken to court for trials. He was given a 3- year jail term at the juvenile prison since it was discovered that he had psychiatric problems.

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