Elaine Bredehoft wikipedia
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Elaine Bredehoft is a name that takes us back to the trial days of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Who is Elaine? Elaine was the attorney for Amber Heard during the first stages of the court trial. She has been in the law field for a very long time is names as one of the best in DMV.

Elaine Bredehoft and Amber Heard

Amber Heard hired Elaine as her attorney when her ex-husband, Johnny Depp dragged her to court for defamation. As expected of an attorney of the defendant, Elaine tried her best to win the case for Amber Heard but in the end, Depp won against Amber which led to her payment of $10.5 million on that trial alone to Johnny Depp. Realizing that Elaine could not help her out, she changed her and went in for another attorney to stand on her case.

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Elaine Bredehoft Wikipedia

As an attorney with a long time experience and advanced in age, Elaine is not one who actively shares on social media to reveal things about herself. For her educational background, she is a graduate of the University of Arizona. She only made it to the spotlight because of the Johnny Depp, Amber Heard issue. After she was substituted by Amber for a new lawyer, she has disappeared from the media and leading her quiet life as before. There is no information about her recent cases and none that speculates what she is currently into.

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