Krishnan Guru-Murthy Wife

Krishnan Guru-Murthy has been a Channel 4 presenter since 1998, making him the second longest-serving presenter after Jon Snow. What is known about his life outside of the screen?

Who Is Krishnan Guru-Murthy Wife?: Meet Lisa Guru Murthy

Tim Hincks, a common friend of the Channel 4 announcer and his wife Lisa Guru-Murthy, introduced them. Krishnan previously recounted how they first met: “Tim worked with me on a program and introduced me to Lisa, who worked with his wife, Pippa.”

Krishnan and Lisa married in 2005 after falling in love and having two children together, Jasmine and a son. Although little is known about the broadcaster’s personal life because he chooses to keep things private.

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While he keeps his personal life private, he has previously revealed details about his relationship with Lisa on social media. Krishnan honored 14 years of marriage with an Instagram post from their wedding day in 2019.

The Channel 4 presenter has also opened up on their wedding as he admitted of he “sang and played bass” at their celebrations.

While talking of a special Sunday, he told The Guardian back in September: “My wedding day, February 2005, a real mixture of Indian and British culture.”

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Krishnan continued: “I played a few rock’n’roll songs with friends.

“I sang and played bass, on the grounds that I was the worst guitarist of the three of us. Let’s just say the crowd was on our side.”

Krishnan is a household name having presented as part of Channel 4 for more than two decades. However, he is not the only one in his family to have pursued a career in journalism.

His sister Geeta Guru-Murthy is also a journalist and is regularly seen presenting on BBC News. Away from their shared career in the media, his younger brother Ravi is a Chief Innovation Officer of the International Rescue Committee.

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