Rupiah Banda's wife
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Who is Rupiah Banda’s Wife? The name of Rupiah Banda’s wife is Hope Mwansa Banda. Rupiah Banda and his wife Hope Mwansa Banda got married in 1966. Rupiah Banda’s wife was 24 years old when she got married. After marriage, the couple was blessed with three sons. In 2000, Rupiah Banda’s Wife Hope died of cancer in South Africa. She was buried at the Leopards Hill Cemetery in Lusaka.

Mwansa was born on August 29, 1941, to Henry Fairley Makulu and Monica Mulenga Makulu. She grew up with her brother, Stanley Makulu in Switzerland. He had her education in Switzerland.

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Who Was Rupiah Banda?

Rupiah Banda was the president of Zambia from 2008 to 2011. Banda happens to be the fourth president in the history of Zambia. He took over from Levy Mwanawasa who died as the sitting president.

Before becoming president, he was a politician. Banda won as president of Zambia during the 2008 by-election which occurred in October. He won against opposition leader Michael Sata of the Patriotic Front. In 2011 he lost to Michael Sata.

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