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10 unbelievably beautiful hotels to stay in Swiss


A pleasant stay elevates your vacation to a whole new level!

 Are you planning to tour Switzerland any time? Here is a list of 10 places that you should consider in your Switzerland package.

  • Palace Luzern
  • Baur au Lac
  • Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva
  • Four Seasons Geneva
  • Beau Rivage
  • 22 Summits Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel des Balances
  • InterContinental Geneva
  • Grand Hotel Kronenhof
  • The Chedi Andermatt
  1. Palace Luzern

10 unbelievably beautiful hotels to stay in Swiss


  Are you ready to witness the most royal stay in Swiss? Palace Luzern is a luxury hotel in Lucerne which is humongously majestic and ancient. There are many types of rooms according to the preferences of the tourists. They have deluxe, family rooms, suites, smoking and non- smoking rooms. The basic specifications irrespective of the room type are- Air conditioner, a mini bar, flat screen TV and any time room service and not to mention, it has an amazing view from the balcony.

The amenities that make this hotel a special one are,

  • Pets allowed (very special indeed)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Babysitting options
  • Gym (included in the room rent)

The room amount may vary around INR 30,270 for 2 adults and a child per night

  1. Baur au Lac, Zurich


Baur au Lac tops the most luxurious hotels in Swiss. The rooms are built with exquisite elegance and royalness. This hotel ensures that the tourists are safe with them because they follow the covid guidelines in a very proper manner. Experience the rich touch in every service provided. They offer many types of rooms such as suites, Single bedrooms, double bedrooms and also junior suites.

Also enjoy their deals on shopping, boat rides etc.

How can such a place miss out on their special amenities?

Here’s what they provide to their customers

  • King size/double beds
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Mini lounge bar( free refill) 
  • Mini workstation
  • View to the Schanzengraben (selected rooms only)

Stay per night for 2 adults and a child will be INR 66,545 and may vary.            

  1. 10 unbelievably beautiful hotels to stay in SwissFairmont Grand Hotel Geneva


Fairmont Grand Hotel is a luxury hotel situated in Geneva. This hotel stands big and bold in the centre of the city. Treating yourself by staying in this hotel can make your entire Swiss trip a memorable one. The offered room types are suite, single bedroom, double bedroom and deluxe rooms.

Enjoy their countless facilities during your stay at the Fairmont

  • 24/7 room service
  • Babysitting facilities
  • Bathtubs/ Jacuzzi
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Health and fitness centre
  • Spa/massages and Hot tubs
  • Bar and Fine Dine
  • Swimming pool (indoor and outdoor)
  • Free breakfast

Stay per night for 2 adults and a child would range around INR 32,111 and the Lake view room would be INR 38,698.

  1. Four seasons Hotel Des Bergues Geneva


Four seasons in Geneva, is a history rich hotel that overlooks a lake and the hot springs add brownie points to their specialities. They offer rooms like smoking, non-smoking suites, deluxe rooms and a unique room called the bridal suite. All the rooms are Air-conditioned and are provided with bathrobes, a flatscreen,

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 a small workspace and a balcony. 

Make use of their amenities for you to the  maximum

  • Pets allowed (bring your pet to enjoy the stay as well)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Swimming pool (indoor and outdoor)
  • Gym and fitness centre
  • Airport transportation
  • Babysitting options

Room amount per night for 2 adults and a child – INR 50,810

Go grab your best deals so you don’t miss their discounts  and mark your Switzerland vacay a luxurious one.

  1. 10 unbelievably beautiful hotels to stay in SwissBeau-Rivage Geneva


Beau Rivage, Geneva is a spectacular luxury hotel with a glossy and posh look on the outside . The hotel is located in Mont Blanc with cute little ferns, tulips, lavenders and bushes. The pleasant smell of the river bed carries you to the lobby and then to your handpicked pastel rooms. 

Room types provided here are

  • Family room (king size beds)
  • Deluxe lake view room
  • Family lake view room
  •  Beau rivage signature room
  • Henri dunant suite

Does it stop here? Definitely not! Hear out their extravaganzas!

  •  Free breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Valet parking
  • Gym and fitness centres
  • Spa and hot tubs

One  night stay  at Beau Rivage for a family costs around INR 60,642.

  1. 22 Summits Boutique Hotel


Who would not want to spend their stay in Switzerland in the middle of the endless white mountains and wooden rooms? Yes you heard me right! 

22 Summits Boutique Hotel in Zermatt is perfectly handcrafted with sheer beauty and ethnicity with an unbelievable rating of 9.3!! Get ready to spend your night by the mountains or the pool  with a hot cup of tea or beer! 

You can book your room with a

  • Mountain view
  • Landmark view
  • Pool view

Such excellence extends in providing such amenities like

  • bar/ lounge area
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Terrace for guests and accommodation for unexpected guests
  • Hot tub/ sauna / spa
  • Go skiing / other snow activities

Basic amount for any room per night for 2 adults and a child – INR 27,080

Covid protocols are very strict so don’t worry about anything else! Enjoy Swiss!

  1. 10 unbelievably beautiful hotels to stay in SwissHotel Des Balances


Hotel Des Balances will balance your time in Swiss with their exemplary services.

This rustic and beautiful hotel is in Luzern by the River Ruess. As a result, you get to enjoy the view of the Chapel bridge from almost every room. Make the most out of their authentic Swiss and French cuisine by the riverside terrace while listening to the soothing piano notes.

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Room types limited to 

  • Only non smoking rooms
  • Family rooms (queen bed/ king bed)
  • Suites (junior lake view / family lake view suite rooms)

Check out their special facilities for you and your pets

  • Pets allowed to stay with you
  • Complimentary breakfast 
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Currency exchange options on their site

A standard queen size bedroom for 2 adults costs INR 22,175 + taxes and charges.

  1. InterContinental Geneva


Intercontinental in any country is a boon for tourists! Located in a picturesque location with the view of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva, the ICC hotel provides you with the best intercontinental cuisines and a generous amount of wine cellars stocked with traditional varieties of wine. Enjoy the most by the pool and stuff your Switzerland tour with memories and breathtaking views of Mont Blanc. 

Featured amenities in ICC are 

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free use of gym and fitness centres 
  • spa / wellness centres 
  • Carry your pets with you ( Yes! Make them comfortable too)
  • Air conditioned 
  • Lounge bar

A superior double room per night for 2 adults is INR 30,642 + taxes.

  1. Grand Hotel Kronenhof
10 unbelievably beautiful hotels to stay in Swiss


Never got a chance to visit Disney? This place will take you to a dreamland that is as magical as Disney. Grand Hotel Kronenhof is located in between the whitey-mighty Swiss mountains that offers you a magnificent view and a mesmerizing feel. A royal lives like a royal! You can book one of their 112 guest rooms with an indoor pool facility.

Grand hotel Kronenhof best amenities

  •  3 different restaurants/cuisines
  • Bar facilities
  • Spa/jacuzzi 
  • Free children’s club
  • 24/7 housekeeping
  • Outdoor activities (skiing and trekking)

Standard room with an indoor pool for 2 adults per night starts from  INR 37,721.

  1. The Chedi Andermatt


Save the best for the last they say! A diamond is a diamond is a diamond! Here’s to the most posh and lavish stay that anyone could ask for. The Chedi Andermatt is located in the city of Andermatt. Reach at the hotel by a cable car and enjoy the scenic view. During your stay, do not miss out on any of the services they provide like fine dining, housekeeping and spa area. Your Switzerland vacation package gets a completely unique experience once you book your stay at the Chedi Andermatt.

 Let’s talk about their cuisines and technology that they provide

  • Fitness centre
  • spa/hot tub
  • Japanese cuisine 
  • Mini bar 
  • Cheese cellar (just for cheese lovers like you) / free breakfast buffet 
  • Wines / cocktails 
  • Free ski storage
  • Electronic bicycles facilities 

Per night at The Chedi Andermatt for 2 adults costs INR 79,829

So what’s stopping you from planning your best trip to Switzerland? 

Checkout the best offers to Switzerland at PickYourTrail and customize your Switzerland package right away, jump on a flight to Swiss for a retreat!

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