The unavailability of pediatric machines and consumables which are used for dialysis treatment has led to the death of fifteen children since 2015 at the Tamale Teaching hospital.

The absence of these very significant medical materials have forced medical practitioners at the hospital to utilize close substitutes which are meant for adults hence, putting the lives of vulnerable patients into danger.

One of the health workers at the Tamale Teaching hospital, Madam Adam Yahaya Wanzam in an interview with a local media outlet spewed her plight by providing the devastating negative effect of the shortage of these medical equipment and the unrepairable damage and pain it has caused both the patient and their families.

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“We have lost over 10 to 15 children who were supposed to receive dialysis treatment. But for a lack of pediatric machines, we were improvising with adult machines, and the adult machines and consumables are not for children. The death rate recorded dates back since 2015 to 2023.” She said.

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Madam Adam further took the opportunity to call on private individuals and non governmental organizations to aid them by providing the hospital with the pediatric machines which would be used for treating patients who have such critical conditions.

“We are calling on individuals and Non-governmental organisations to come to our aid by helping us acquire these pediatric machines and consumables so that when an innocent child finds him or herself in this situation, the Tamale Teaching Hospital Dialysis unit can be able to rescue them,” Madam Adam Yahaya Wanzam requested.

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