The Ugandan government has accused the United States government for leading the charge for ‘LGBTQ’ to be legally recognised in Africa.

On Wednesday, the 6th day of December,2023 the Ugandan government opposed the new expansion of visa restrictions which was announced on Monday, 4 December 2023 by the U.S.

Further, the Ugandan government have made claims against the U.S which indicates that, the new visa restrictions was introduced to sideline all unidentified jurisdictions who are responsible for repressing all minority groups in their democratic dispensation which includes groups such as the ‘LGBTQ’ group.

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Meanwhile, the Ugandan government through their parliament have enacted a bill into law which stipulates stringent measures such as death penalty to submerge all marginalized groups in their country. including ‘LGBTQ’.

“There is a coup at the state department in U.S. it’s being taken over by people who are pushing the ‘LGBTQ’ agenda in Africa,” State minister for Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem told Reuters.

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Mr Okello Oryem further questioned U.S on why they haven’t enrolled such sanctions to other countries in the middle-east.

“Why don’t they impose the same sanctions on the middle-east countries which have the same or hasher laws against LGBTQ? If they deny our members of Parliament visas, they’ll go to Shanghai, Guangzhou. There are many beautiful places to visit,” He added.

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