Ayesha Madon Parents

Ayesha Madon is a talented performer and actor from Australia. She is a terrific performer, singer, and songwriter. She has also dabbled in the entertainment industry, and despite the fact that she has just recently begun acting, she has received high appreciation from reviewers.

Madon has worked on two separate projects while working in the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, her next Netflix series will be the most awaited. She will play a pivotal role in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Heartbreak High.

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Ayesha Madon Parents

Ayesha looks up to her mother, Jasmin Madon. She has a very deep link with her mother, and Jasmin was always very encouraging of the interests and ambitions that Ayesha interested in as she grew up.

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Madon was born in Sydney on February 10, 1998, and spent the majority of her childhood there with her mother, Jasmine Madon. Jasmine Madon worked as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne, which specialized in skin care products. Madon grew up in Sydney for the most part of her life.

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