How To Check Your 2023 BECE Results: Online And SMS. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has released the much-anticipated 2023 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) results. Over 1.2 million candidates sat for this year’s BECE exams administered by WAEC in West Africa. Students can now check their performance and grades by following these simple procedures to access their 2023 BECE results via WAEC’s online portal or through SMS.

How To Check Your 2023 BECE Results: Online And SMS

To check your 2023 BECE results, you will need:

  • Your 11-digit WAEC Examination Number which can be found on your exam registration form. This is unique to every candidate.
  • A valid scratch card with your PIN and Serial Number. This can be purchased at WAEC authorized centers and some banks. Rates vary depending on type – online PIN or SMS PIN.
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Checking 2023 BECE Results Online

To access your 2023 BECE results online via WAEC’s website, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the WAEC official website using this link:

Step 2: Click on ‘Exam Candidate’ and select ‘BECE’.

Step 3: Enter your 11-digit WAEC Examination Number and click Search.

Step 4: Select your Exam Type as ‘BECE Private Candidate’ or ‘BECE School Candidate’.

Step 5: Enter your 8-digit WAEC Scratch Card PIN and click Submit.

Step 6: Your 2023 BECE result will be displayed on the screen. Go through it carefully and print or save a copy.

The online portal allows you to check subject scores, grades, and remarks. Make sure all personal details displayed – like name, DOB, school etc are accurate. Contact WAEC immediately if you spot any error.

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Checking 2023 BECE Results via SMS

To check your BECE result using SMS, follow these simple steps:

You can also check your BECE results by using the USSD provided by the West African Examination Council using your ‘yam’

  1. Dial the *800*055#
  2. Select Option 2 to check your results
  3. Follow the procedure to make payment and receive results via SMS

How to buy BECE results Checker via Momo and online

To get a genuine BECE Results checker to check the 2023 Bece results released by WAEC from a genuine source to avoid fraud, Kindly use this process to purchase your checkers to be safe.

Use the MTN shortcode and follow the process below;

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select momopay and paybill
  3. Select paybill
  4. Select General payment
  5. Enter payment code: MAWU
  6. Enter Amount: 17 (Enter 34, 51.. if you want to buy 2, 3..)
  7. Enter reference: BECEEnter your Momo pin to complete transaction

Code will be sent instantly via SMS after successful payment

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The SMS process is faster but only provides the core result details like grades, aggregate score, result status (pass or fail) and next steps. The online portal gives more comprehensive access.

Key Tips

  • Crosscheck spellings of your name, exam number and other details to avoid errors.
  • Print or save your online result as PDF for records and submission to schools.
  • Bookmark the WAEC website and save the SMS codes for easy access.
  • Notify WAEC immediately if your result has any error or discrepancy.

By following these simple procedures to check your 2023 BECE results online or via SMS, you can swiftly access your grades and performance. This enables you to make informed decisions about your future education and counselling if need be.


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