How Can Hobbies Help Improve Your Spoken English?
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Do you want to learn spoken English but you are not finding the right motivation for it? Traditionally learning English is often tiresome and boring. Reading the same textbooks, applying the old techniques and learning concepts are not preferred by the majority of the students. Then, what can you do to keep yourself going? Well, for an answer, pairing your hobbies with spoken English can be your game changer.

A combination of your hobbies and English can be a unique and effective way of learning both at the same time. You can use your hobbies to learn English speaking online and make it more fun. Your hobbies will provide you a lot of opportunities to interact with others. You should use these opportunities to learn spoken English. Such experiences will grow your English knowledge without you even realizing it.

Fun Way To Learn:

If you are passionate about your hobbies, you will try to speak about them as much as you can. You will try to incorporate words, phrases that are related to your work. You can even join a spoken English class online and share your experiences with your teacher and fellow students. With your vocals, you can build your community focused on your hobby. 

Career Opportunities:

English is a globally accepted language. You can take your passion to an international platform by improving your English vocabulary. Knowing proper English will help you to interact with those people who share the same passion as you. However, before exploring your niche in the international field, you should consider a basic spoken English course. This will expand your basic understanding of the language. 

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Expanding Your Passion:

If you have a hobby that is social, you will have to pick up English eventually. You will have to embrace every opportunity you get to speak in English. You can try to interact with people and talk about your motivation. You will make some mistakes initially, but that is completely fine. You can try to find the best English-speaking course online, and correct your mistakes.

Some of you might have hobbies that do not need interaction, like painting. Well, then you can start by talking to yourself. This might sound like a crazy idea, but it does help. Talking to yourself in English will help build your confidence and make you more expressive.

Steps That You Follow:

The first step that you need to take is to think in English. Concentrate your entire thinking process in the very language. You can even start writing your everyday hobby activities to improve clarity. If your hobby is watching movies and other web content, you can start picking words from there. You can also observe the accent and try to imbibe it into your vocab. 

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The biggest perk of combining hobbies with English learning is that you can develop your speaking skills according to you. There will be no rigorous or rigid system involved and you will learn spoken English with your own will.

If you like reading books then read English books. If you like hearing music, hear English music. Ideally, try to immerse English as much as possible in your hobbies. By doing so, you can read, write and speak English faster and expand your knowledge on the way,


Imprint the English-speaking pattern into your mind easily by combining it with your hobbies. You can even consider approaching the best-spoken English teacher online, to guide you on your journey. Just remember learning something new is always fun and learning them along with hobbies is a win-win situation.


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