As an aspiring musician or a seasoned artist, protecting your creative work and maintaining ownership rights is crucial. With the rise of digital platforms for music distribution and licensing, such as Trust Music, the question of ownership becomes even more significant. In this article, we will delve into the complex web of music ownership, focusing specifically on Trust Music and the implications it has for artists. So, let’s embark upon this exploration and answer the burning question, “Do I own my music if I use Trust Music?”

What is Trust Music and How Does It Function?

Before we dive into the ownership aspect, it is vital to understand what Trust Music is and how it operates. Trust Music is an innovative digital platform that offers independent musicians a seamless way to distribute, market, and license their music. By joining Trust Music, artists can access a vast network of streaming platforms, ensure smooth royalty collection, and gain exposure to potential collaborators and fans worldwide.

The Relationship Between Trust Music and Music Ownership

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Trust Music and Intellectual Property Rights
When artists upload their music to Trust Music, they retain the core intellectual property rights associated with their compositions, such as the copyright for the musical work and lyrics. This means that you still own the music you upload on the platform.

Licensing and Distribution Rights on Trust Music

By utilizing Trust Music, you grant the platform the non-exclusive right to distribute and sublicense your music to various streaming platforms, radio, film, and television. This allows Trust Music to partner with third-party distribution channels on your behalf. It is important to note that these rights are non-exclusive, meaning you can still distribute and license your music outside of Trust Music independently.

Revenue Sharing and Trust Music

Trust Music functions on a revenue-sharing model. When your music generates revenue through streaming, licensing, or other revenue streams facilitated by Trust Music, the platform collects the funds and then distributes them to the rights holders. This distribution includes a proportionate share for the artists, ensuring you receive a fair return for your creative work.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions artists may have regarding music ownership when using Trust Music:

Will using Trust Music limit my ownership rights?

Absolutely not. Trust Music operates on a non-exclusive basis, meaning you have the freedom to distribute and license your music independently as well. You retain your core ownership rights when you upload your music to Trust Music.

Can I withdraw my music from Trust Music?

Yes, you have the flexibility to withdraw your music from Trust Music at any time. Although it is important to note that once your music has been licensed to third parties through Trust Music, the agreements in place with those parties remain valid.

How does Trust Music protect my intellectual property?

Trust Music employs advanced technological measures to safeguard the intellectual property of its artists. This includes robust copyright protection, content identification systems, and licensing agreements that ensure proper attribution and compensation for your work.

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At its core, Trust Music empowers artists by offering a platform through which they can distribute, market, and license their music with ease. Importantly, artists using Trust Music retain their fundamental ownership rights while gaining access to a broader audience and revenue streams. Remember, the question “Do I own my music if I use Trust Music?” should not discourage you from exploring this innovative platform. Instead, it should empower you to make an informed decision by understanding the implications of music ownership when using Trust Music. So, dive in, embrace the possibilities, and start building your musical empire with Trust Music!


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