Joseph Kpemka has shared a word of caution to Ghanaians in staying away from giving pre-judicial comments regarding a suit over a sum of US$1 million and €300,000 stolen monies from the immediate past minister for sanitation’s home by her two female domestic staffs.

This suit by Hon Cecilia Daapah has raised diverse opinions in the political ecosystem and the entire citizenry questioning the source of her wealth and why she has been keeping such monies in her room and not at the bank.

The former Attorney General and the former member of Parliament for Timpani, Joseph Kpemka have shared his thoughts and issued an advice to Ghanaians about a possibility of Ms. Daapah source of wealth being clean and that Ghanaians should desist from pre-judging her since the case has been presented to court.

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Joseph Kpemka made his thoughts known at a show in one of the media outlets in Ghana.

” I urge all of us in our commentary not to hang the person [Cecilia Dapaah] before she’s heard. Let the processes go through. In the end, if guilt is established, we can better comment on the person’s character and integrity. It can prejudice the process, let’s allow due process to run. We should be cautious and careful in putting her in public court. She has not committed any offence by keeping money in her house.

“For now, it can be a legitimately earned income. We heard the story that she’s a hotelier, she’s a deputy minister under former president J.A. Kufuor, and she has been a minister under this government on two occasions, she does other businesses and all that. Let’s wait to hear what will come out of the investigations,” Mr Kpemka suggested.

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“When the issue came up and people started talking about it, I said the mere fact that you are keeping trillions of dollars on your house, will not constitute an offence. Because there’s no law in our books that would have been flouted. As a people, if we think that those occurrences are becoming one too many, and a conduit through which people perpetrate crime…then that means there’s a lacuna in our law.

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“If we are discovering cash in quantities in people’s houses that are frightening, and we don’t want that to happen, legislation is the way to go. Go to parliament and legislate that if huge sums of money are found, the person is liable,” Joseph Kpemka added.


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