English premier league: kick off

The English premier league is kicking off this weekend with Brentford playing against Arsenal today by 20:00 WAST. There will be 38 match days for this league. The 1st match day will have a total of 9 matches. With the first starting today by 20:00.

Manchester city last season’s champions.

The other eight matches for the first match day are going to be played on Saturday and Sunday and the time are all WAST.

Tomorrow’s matches are :Man United vs Leeds United 12:30 . Leicester city vs Wolves 15:00. Chelsiea vs Crystal palace 15:00.Watford vs Aston Villa 15:00. Everton vs Southampton 15:00. Burnley vs Brighton 15:00.Norwich city vs Liverpool 17:30.

Sunday matches are Newcastle vs Westham 14:00. Tottenham vs Mancity 16:30.

Fans are excited for this season to start because of the new players that were recently signed in different clubs. They can’t wait to see new faces on the field.

Already fans have starting making predictions on who will win the cup.

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