Fante Names And Their Meaning
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There’s a regular order of birth naming for all Akan however, in Mfantse the spellings and pronunciations are different and there are differences.

Number of children naming in Fante

First born – Ɔkwan/ Abakan
Second born – Benyin/Benyi//Benyiwa
Third born – Mensa/Mesima/Mansa
Fourth born – Anan (Annan)/ Maanan
Fifth born – Enu – anglicized to Ainoo
Sixth born – Nsia anglicized to Essien
Seventh born – Eson/Essoun
Eight born – Awɔtwe/Awotwe
Ninth born – Ackon/Ackun/Nkrumah
Tenth born – Bedu anglicized to Baidoo / Beduwa

Days of the week naming in Fante

Kwesi/Akosoa/Esi – Kwesida (Sunday born)

Kojo(Cudjoe)/Jojo/Adjoa (Adwoa) – Edwoda (Monday born)

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Kobina/Ebo/Abena/Araba – Ebenada (Teusday born)

Kweku(Quaque)/Kuuku/Abeiku/Ekuwa(Ekua)/Kuukua – Wukuda (Wednesday born)

Ekow/Kwaw(Kwao)/Aba/Baaba – Yawoda (Thursday born)

Kofi/Yoofi/Fiifi/Efua/Efuwa/Efe – Effida (Friday born)

Kwame/Kwamena(Quamena)/Ato/Ama – Memenda (Saturday born)

Twin Naming And Their Meaning

Panyin – Older child of a twin (The child who came first)
Kaakra – Younger child of a twin (The child who came second)
Atta – One of the twins

A typical example of these naming are Kofi Annan (Kofi – born on Friday, Annan – the fourth child of his parents) and Fiifi Atta Mills (Fiifi – born on Friday and Atta – a twin child)

Your last or middle names are mostly named after your parents (Father mostly), so you may be called Anan but you are not the fourth child of your parents. It means your father or grand father is or was the fourth child of his parents.

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What is your Fante name?

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