Popular YouTuber Stella Shanelly took top honors at the 2023 Ghana Creators Awards held November 25th, winning Travel Creator of the Year for her engaging videos exploring hidden gems across Ghana.

Shanelly’s channel informs viewers on must-see destinations and off-the-beaten-path locale for both tourists and locals seeking to discover the country’s rich culture. Videos showcase everything from tilapia farming on the Volta Lake to camping on No Man’s Land.

While highlighting favorite regions like Western Ghana, Shanelly’s down-to-earth vlogs allow her growing fanbase to experience trips as if travelling alongside a friend. Her accessible, adventurous style entertains while educating on attractions, activities and culture.

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Focusing content towards both diaspora and domestic audiences, Shanelly provides travel tips tailored to visitors while spotlighting sites that locals may overlook. Viewers feel inspired to organize their own trips after virtually touring with her.

Stella Shanelly’s Travel Creator of the Year award at the inaugural Ghana Creators Awards validates how her immersive, engaging videos continue captivating the imagination of audiences craving to unlock all of Ghana’s tourism potential. As one of the nation’s top influencers, she motivates fans to venture beyond their comfort zone.

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Expect Shanelly’s channel to feature even more exotic local destinations and hidden travel gems in the year ahead. Captivating a sense of discovery, her content allows viewers to explore Ghana through her eyes.

The 2023 Ghana Creators Awards honored standout YouTubers making an impact and building community. As one of the fastest rising stars on the platform, Stella Shanelly demonstrates the power of social media to inspire audiences to fall in love with travel.

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