Giving Your Girlfriend Money Will Damage Your Relationship – Jessica Opare Explains (Video)

Jessica Opare, a Ghanaian media personality, has stated that money is not a must in every relationship and that it takes more than that to gain a woman’s love and admiration.

In most couples, the man is expected to provide for his girlfriend solely in good and bad times. As long as they are in a relationship, a woman relies on her guy to provide for all of her requirements and to solve all of her financial problems.

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A woman, she claims, would never stop expecting her partner to come through for her when she is in financial distress. She said that the woman would continue to demand from her guy even when he is at his lowest point, and if he does not, difficulties in the relationship begin to surface.

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She bemoaned that if a man is hesitant to do his woman’s bidding by supporting her financial demands, she will eventually lose interest in the relationship due to the unexpected turn of events and look for another man to rescue her.

Watch the video below:


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