How Old Are The Oguike Sisters?

Oguike sisters

The Oguike sisters are fast-rising Nollywood stars. Their debut movie ” My Kids and I”, featuring Bolanle Ninolowo and produced by soulmate studios was a huge success, shooting them into stardom. The movie is a thrilling comedy about Nigerian- American returnees who cause trouble for their divorced father.

The Oguike sisters signed a contract with soulmate studios and have gone on to feature in several movies produced by the studio. However it seems the child actresses have taken a break from the movie industry and their fans can’t wait to see them on their screens again. Chisom,Chidinma and Chinenye Oguike are their names.

1. Chisom Oguike

Chisom Oguike

Chisom is the eldest of the Oguike sisters. She was born on January 21st 2008. She is currently 14 years old. Her Instagram is (@ its chisom_ oh). She is both beautiful and a brilliant actress. She was nominated for an award in 2017 because of her performance in the movie” My Kids and I”. She is a fast-rising star.

Chisom Oguike Photos

Chisom Oguike
Chisom Oguike

2. Chidinma Oguike.

Chidinma Oguike

Chidinma Oguike is the second and the most popular sister. She has featured in several movies including the most recent” Home teacher” a movie that deals with the consequences of child abuse in society. She was born on August 17th, 2009. She is currently 13 years old. Her Instagram is  (@officialchidinmao). She was also nominated for an award.

3. Chinenye Oguike.

Chinenye Oguike

Chinenye Oguike is the last of the Oguike sisters. She is also the cutest. Despite her age, she has proven how talented and brilliant she is in acting and interpreting her roles. She was born on November 11, 2011. She is currently 11 years old. She also has a YouTube channel in which she regularly post-dance and a day in life videos.

How old is chisom?

How old is Chisom Oguike 2022? Chisom is Oguike was born on January 21st,2008. She is currently 14 years old. Her father is a Nigerian and her mother is an Indian.

When was chidinma oguike born?

Chidinma Oguike Stephanie was born on August 17th 2009. Her role in the popular series “My Kids and I” catapulted her to stardom. Then, she later appeared in the soulmate studio series with her sister. Soul Mate Studio manages the career of the child actor, and she was the lead child actress in “Home Teacher”.

Is chisom oguike older than chidinma oguike?

Chisom Oguike is the eldest of the three Oguike sisters. The three sisters started their acting career in 2017, with the Nollywood movie “My kids and I” produced by Soulmate studios. The studio went on to produce two more series of the movie, which the three sisters featured in. Chisom was nominated for an award in 2017.

What is chisom oguike Instagram name?

Her Instagram is(@its chidinma_oh).

Which year is chisom oguike born?

Oguike was born on January 21st,2008.

Who is chinenye oguike?

Chinenye oguike is the youngest of the Oguike sisters.  Chinenye Oguike became famous after featuring as Annabelle in the 2017 Soul Mate Studio movie, “My Kids And I”. Chinenye delivered her role flawlessly. She has acted in many other Soul Mate Studio movies.

Is chisom oguike on Facebook?

YES, The official Facebook page of Soul Mate Actress is Chisom Hillary Oguike


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