Kennedy Agyapong
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Member of Parliament for the Assin Central Constituency, Kennedy Agyapong, has revealed in a current interview that when he is elected into power by Ghanaians as their president he will change the country to a better one.

However he did not disclose his intention to run for the 2024 elections but answered a question asked by the host of #gtvbreakfast, Kennedy Agyapong said; “I don’t but it doesn’t mean I’m not capable.  I can change this country and you guys will clap for me”.

The Member of Parliament for Assin central said when he becomes president his 100 days will be days of discipline in all sectors.

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“The first 100 days will be discipline in all areas. Look, if I’m President, today ahh Jesus Christ. If you are a Minister and 8am, you are not there, you will have a problem so if the Minister has a problem what will happen to the Director, what will happen to those down there”.

“You go to Ghana gas, some people use COVID to stay home for months. I say what? are you out of your mind, I said hell no, this is not happening in this institution anymore. The next day, all those who stayed home from 18 to 24 months reported”.

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