"Respect Womanhood" - Yvonne Nelson Tells Sarkodie
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Sarkodie, a popularly known rapper from Ghana, appears to have responded to his ex-girlfriend, actress Yvonne Nelson after she accused him of impregnating her and refusing to accept responsibility.

The actress, according to Xorlali.com, described how she terminated her first pregnancy in her recently released book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” because she is fatherless and did not want to bear a child whose father had refused to take responsibility.

In a chapter titled ‘A Difficult Decision’, she said Sarkodie “said no to keeping the pregnancy.” Sarkodie responded by claiming he asked Yvonne Nelson to keep the pregnancy even though he wasn’t ready to be the father in his most recent song, “Try Me [Raw],” which was released on Wednesday.

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“Yes, I wasn’t ready but then I told you to keep it. So don’t make it seem like I was pushing you for abortion,” he raps in the first verse of the song.

He said Yvonne Nelson’s book was not so great but got patronage because of the negative things she wrote.

“Not because your book is really good but we are living in a world where negativity sells,” Sarkodie raps.

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The rapper urged the actress to take the blame because “nobody is the cause of your bad choice in life” and “stop the personal attacks.”

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