TV3 Date Rush popular male contestant Ali has revealed in a recent interview that he is broke and suffering for fame is killing him slowly.

I’m Broke And Suffering, Fame Is Killing Me – Ali Of Date Rush Cries For Job
Ali Of Date Rush

According to Ali of date rush the game and popularity isn’t bringing him money but has make his manger neglect him.

Speaking with Sammykay media he appealed to the public to help him get a job for he is dying for the fame is not helping his situation but rather pressure.

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Recall during one of their hangout Ali of date rush revealed how his life has improved and how people are chasing him for promo.

He also grew his social media handles thanks to TV3 Date Rush.The superstar of DateRush, Ali, also revealed how much his social media following has increased with many recommendations for commercials, promotions and movies.

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“I will say my social media handles are increasing, and I get messages day in day out. People are trying to connect me to commercials. I have featured in a few series and movies, all in the pipeline. Yes, I now feel like a celebrity after DateRush. And it is not easy living the normal life now.”

Watch video below;

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