Is Polo G Alive

An American famous rapper, Polo G was born on 6th January 1999. It was noticed Polo G got sicked and there was circulating news that Polo is dead. This article is here to confirm whether he is dead or alive.

Who is Polo G?

Taurus Tremani Bartlet who is shortly known to be Polo G, is an American famous rapper. Living across from the Cabrini-Green Homes, Polo G grew up in the Marshall Field Garden Apartments.

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Bartlett was admitted as a broadcasting major at Lincoln University after graduating from high school, but he opted not to enroll after his first day because he wanted to focus entirely on his music career.He is a member of the Chicago-based Mickey Cobras gang, which has rivalries with groups like the Gangster Syndicate.

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Career and net worth

He is a rapper. Some of his songs are; Pop Out, Bad Man, Martin and Gina, and RAPSTAR. Some of his awards are; MTV video music awards, Brit awards, etc.  Polo G has an estimated net worth of about $7,000,000.

Is Polo G alive?

All that brought the dead fake news of Polo G was what happened to him in 2019, as he was hospitalized for a drug overdose at a party, which prompted him to quit taking ecstasy. Nothing has happened to him. Polo G is still alive enjoying better life with family.


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