Former Member of Parliament for Tamale-Central constituency, Mr Inusah Fusieni has explained the significance of the Office of the Special Prosecutor in our democracy and the major role it is playing in Ghana’s quest to fight against corruption and all corruption related cases.

In Mr Inusah Fusieni submission during an interview on Tuesday 12 December, 2023 with a local media outlet, he argued that we would be doing the country a foul which would come with unpalatable consequences should any political party eliminate the Office Of The Special Prosecutor claiming leadership is taking useful note from both the former and present special prosecutors.

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“We are learning a useful lesson from Martin Amidu, we are learning a useful lesson from Kissi Agyebeng and I think that somehow we have to accept the office has been weaponised, and I don’t think it will be in the interest of any political party to scrap that office,” He said.

The former Member of Parliament’s constitutional and legal’s committee further conceded to the fact that, the Office of the special prosecutor hasn’t been able to prosecute anyone since it’s existence for any corrupt practices but he’s of the view that, the activation of the Office has the potential of averting people from engaging in any form of corruption and corruption related activities.

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“Clearly, people know that the office exist, and even if they are not having prosecution, the fact that you can be sent to the special prosecutor’s office is enough deterrence and periodic information given to the public on the number of cases being handled by the special prosecutor also goes some way in dealing with the issues of corruption,” Mr Inusah Fusieni stated.

Mr Inusah Fusieni reacted to claims made by the public with respect to the impotency of the Office Of The Special Prosecutor in prosecuting anyone for engaging in any corrupt practices; “The fact that we have not convicted even a soul under the office of the special prosecutor’s office is enough to worry,” Mr Inusah Fusieni spewed.

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