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I Need A Financially Stable Man Who Can Take Good Care Of Me – Former Di Asa Winner Reveals Specs For Suitors


Former Di Asa Winner, Dee Baby has come out to state that she is single and is ready to give in to any man who meets her criteria for marriage.

In a recent disclosure made by the Former Di Asa winner, she stated emphatically that though she is looking for a man to be her lover, she has specifications and as such she wouldn’t settle for just any guy at all.

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Providing details on the kind of man she is looking for, Dee Baby mentioned that she is looking for a responsible man who can support her financially and take good care of her.

Explaining further, she made it clear she doesn’t want a man whose aim for entering into a relationship with her lies on the intention of just having s€x with her. In other words, she doesn’t want a guy who will just use and dump her.

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Speaking about the financial worth of her possible suitor, the former Di Asa winner indicated that she doesn’t want a guy who is stingy and wouldn’t like to her spend on her.


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